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« How to use product authenticity »
Dear customers, you can be sure of its authenticity by using the form below and entering the serial number inserted on your product.

To do this, just do the following:

1- Find the product code (including letters and numbers) as well as the serial number on your product.

2- Remove the cover on the serial number.

3- Enter to

4- Enter the product authenticity section of the site and enter the available series along with your personal information, which includes: email, first and last name, mobile phone number, city and address.

5-From the purchased product section, specify the type of product in the first box and the purchased product in the second box.

6- Click the check button.

پQ. From the check, if the product you want is one of our company's products, with the message "The entered code is valid" Otherwise, you will see the message "The entered code is not valid".

It should be noted that the serial number of the imported product will be sent to your email along with its authenticity status.
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